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Short history...Timisoara

The trust in what we are doing, the belief that the impossible can be made possible, the tendancy of using new and performant materials define us and have brought us prestige.

The borough of Timisoara was first mentioned in documents in the year 1172 for which Timisoara is a city with architectural claims, regarding the buildings but also the bridges over the Bega river, passing through. Some of them were built only 30...40 years after the reinforced concrete started to be used in the world.

Timisoara presents it self at the beginning of the XX century with 71 bridges, 5 steel bridges, 9 brick masonry bridges and 28 wood bridges.

The construction of the Bega channel at the beginning of the XX century has meant the replacement of the old bridges with new ones that should have satisfied the passing of the 35 meters wide channel and also to allow the development of the navigation. Timisoara's bridges symbolize the reinforced concrete technical level in the field of crossing structures at the beginning of the XX century. They are also representing our fellow citizens (engineers and architects) conception, achievements and their eagerness for aesthetic.

Although their execution is based on modern technical solutions, they do not represent, from aesthetic point of view, a challenge for the existing structures and not even for those which replacement they represent.

Regarding the mentioned above, the realization of a new structure represents a challange and means to keep the specific characteristics of the area keeping the historical atmosphere and bringing to contemporaneity bridges with a honourable historical background.


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