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The Traian Square of Timisoara [ completed ]
Date of completion : 2005-04-10
Beneficiary : Cityhall of Timisoara
Project type : Technical project and execution details
Project leader : conf. dr. ing. Adrian Bota

The Traian Square is located in Timisoara city, in the center of the Fabric quarter, one of the first quarters in the city.
The Traian Square presented itself as a large partially paved surface, and partially covered with green areas, bordered on the eastern and northern side by two carriageable areas paved with hard rock. The entire area of the square is heavily degraded due to the quartering of the buildingyard organisation for the modernizing works of the streets Dacilor and Mihalache.

The square area will be devided in quadrate zones (9 m x 9 m) covered with new andesite paving bricks of 9 x 9 x 9 cm. These areas will be bordered by a 1 m wide grid, realized out of hard rock pavement, recovered from the already modernized streets in the city. Beyond its aesthetic role, the grid also fulfils a functional drain role for collecting and guiding the rainwater towards the outflow.


The Traian Square will receive well delimited turfed new green areas, which consider the emplacement of the existent vegetation.


The valuable existent trees will be kept and their number will be enriched in order to make a complete landscape composition. Moreover, in the northern part there will be planted a minimum of 9 trees completing the existent vegetation. The existing trees and also the new ones will have a turfed delimitation of 1 m2.


The rehabilitation and the entire repositioning of the urban public network in the square will be followed by a coherent finishing, maintaining the initial valuable architectural appearance and also by positioning different urban furniture together with the removal of the cables hanging down on the facade of the buildings.


A part of the urban furniture in the square, will be realized around the existing trees. Thus the green areas will be emphasized by bordering them with banks designed not to suffer damages in time and also to fit in the architecture of the square.


The details regarding the urban furniture, the materials, the lightening devices will all be in accordance and harmony with the facade architecture, in order to preserve the history aspect of the place.