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A New Overpass in Timisoara for Closing a Traffic Ring [ completed ]
Date of completion : 2006-05-14
Beneficiary : City of Timisoara
Project type : Feasibility study
Project leader : conf. dr. ing. Adrian Bota

The traffic in Timisoara city becomes more and more complex, due to the disproportion between the increase of the auto traffic and the capacity of being supported by the existent street network. The wish of the municipality to improve the traffic conditions, is translated through the completeness of one traffic ring over the rail road Bucureşti – Timişoara, by realizing an overpass with a length of approximately 300 m.

In order to choose a solution for realizing the over passing structures, which should respond the best to the technical functional, aesthetical and economical requests, a series of solutions regarding the superstructure, infrastructure, approaching slopes, road works and road structure, were analyzed.

Variant 1

The access to and from the Demetriade street to the over pass approaching slopes will be realized through one sector connected to a gyration with an interior radius of 12,00 m, which will be connected by means of two slip roads to the ring II respectively to the over pass.

In this configuration the maximum length of the superstructures, measured on the exterior is 394 m, and the total length of the over pass including the approaching slopes, measured in the axes of the over pass, is 606 m.
The resistance structure of the superstructure (for one traffic direction) consists of 11 steel HEA girders, embedded in concrete.
The total width of the superstructures for one traffic direction is 9,48 m, with a gauge of 9,00 m.The total height of the superstructure is 0,94 m.
Variant 2
The access in and from the Demetriade street will be realized with two sectors, connected independently to the ring II, respectively to the over pass.